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photo: @patrickjgonzales

Who is this guy?

Hey, thanks for actually going through these pages and checking out my work! I am a music artist from Rowland Heights, CA. I like to mess around with different sounds especially with RnB, Soul, Funk, Pop, and Hip Hop. As you can see from the photos around, my goal is to always put my friends on. Most people do not go on this music journey alone and that is why I love having my friends up there with me. I also look at my fans as friends (also because all the people in these photos are literally my friends). So honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate y'all.

Some of my biggest inspirations right now are Mac Ayres and Devin Morrison. I love what Mac said in an interview with Highsnobiety saying that how his love for music is what drives him everyday and if that wasn't the case, why even do it? Music is a beautiful way to express yourself and feel emotions you never knew you had. Music truly is a gift from God and I want to use it to share stories and my emotions as well.

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